Jiangsu Aoba New Energy Technology Corp.,Ltd. is a professional class-three contractor of mechanical and electrical equipment with pressure vessel manufacturing (D1D2 level) qualification, pressure pipe installation (GC2) qualification and other qualifications.
Jiangsu Aoba New Energy Technology Corp.,Ltd. was founded in March 2009. It is a comprehensive installation enterprise integrating building project construction; industrial equipment, pipeline, instrument and complete equipment production and installation; anti-corrosion insulation engineering construction services, ventilation and exhaust gas engineering construction services, indoor and outdoor decoration engineering construction services; as well as non-standard equipment and steel structure production and installation.   

Jiangsu Aoba New Energy Technology Corp.,Ltd

Qualification grade standard for specialized contracting enterprise of pipeline installation engineering of chemical petroleum e
1, in the past 5 years, the company has undertaken more than 2 large-scale chemical, petroleum, petrochemical engineering or single contracts in 30 million yuan or more, the main equipment installatio
Notifications of the development and Reform Commission: to give priority to the new energy power generation, such as wind power,
Recently, the national development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Energy Bureau issued a notice on the orderly development and utilization of electricity. The following are the main points: 1,
  • Photovoltaic power stations need to pay attention to problems

  • Photovoltaic power stations need to pay attention to problems

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